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Goodwills offer a comprehensive Will writing service and, during our home visits, we will go over every aspect of your Estate in order to ensure that it passes in accordance with your intentions. There are a variety of Trusts that we can insert into our Wills, or separate freestanding Trusts we can set up, which make sure that your Will is tax efficient and avoids all too common pitfalls such as children being cut out or your Estate not passing to your chosen beneficiaries due to remarriage or care home fees.


It is important you have a Will drafted, even if you believe your circumstances are straightforward, as the intestacy rules are complex and often lead to odd and undesired outcomes (for instance, relatives you haven’t spoken to for years inheriting the majority of your Estate!)  Having something clear also helps to avoid family disputes later, as everyone will know exactly how you wanted your Estate to pass.


We are also able to help mitigate certain risks, such as former spouses and children making claims against your Estate (we offer an Exclusion Service where this is required). This is an increasingly litigious area of law and it is best to ensure that you have maximum protection in place to ensure that your Estate passes to your chosen beneficiaries, and not to someone else who makes a claim against your Estate after you have passed away and are no longer able to protect your assets yourself.


A Will is an important legal document and it is vital that it is drafted correctly. We recommend that you avoid DIY or online Wills, the savings are small but what is at risk is great.

Having a Will that is not correctly drafted or not based on proper advice can be invalid, ineffective and vulnerable to challenge.  It could leave you in an even worse position than not having a Will at all. This could mean that your wishes do not take effect and lead to disputes and high legal costs.

For your peace of mind and security all our Wills are produced by Goodwills Legal Services Ltd, a specialist, professional, insured and regulated law firm. 


Our standard price for a single Will is only £88. Our standard price for two mirror Wills, suitable for most couples, is only £148.

These prices include VAT, an individual consultation and your Will being professionally produced by Goodwills Legal Services Ltd, a specialist regulated law firm.

Additional charges may apply for more complex Wills and Trusts.

Please contact us with any queries or to make an appointment.

All legal work is completed by Goodwills Legal Services Ltd, a specialist regulated law firm.

To book an appointment or if you have any queries, please call Michael Rhodes on 01373 593193 or 01225 683062, email or complete the form below:

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  •    01225 683062 / 01373 593193
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